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_xeroxz 71620bcc6e fixed a bug where there are symbols with section_index that are 3 months ago
_xeroxz dedfad81a5 fixed an issue with number of symbols... code works good now, its 3 months ago
_xeroxz e244d3eed1 need to continue debugging and figure out why relocations in data 3 months ago
_xeroxz 367a62d8de if the obj has more symbols with data than the max section size then the 3 months ago
_xeroxz a0d35c1d5e i need to rewrite how i get routine bytes since each funtion doesnt 3 months ago
_xeroxz 1c51f37f60 wrote a bunch of code optimizations, wrote an algo to get all the 3 months ago
_xeroxz 17b2371910 forgot to preserve flags before transformations... wrote tests now... 3 months ago
_xeroxz b1e74a4466 renamed inst_split to instruction 3 months ago
_xeroxz 88bf8873ec moved a function out of pass_t that doesnt belong there... 3 months ago
_xeroxz c7eb3c83bf finished coding transformations, next_inst_pass, jcc_rewrite_pass and 3 months ago
_xeroxz df0ba19093 finished relocation transformation pass... todo write other passes and 3 months ago
_xeroxz 9199d5bef7 about half way done with transformations... imm's cant be 8 bytes, only 3 months ago
_xeroxz 78f2b39b71 refactored the code so that there are 3 main namespaces: decomp, obf, 3 months ago
_xeroxz 9cf6cc8f03 created a pass system... starting to code transformation system for 3 months ago
_xeroxz c666bf8dbe added code to handle symbols that have no section and need to be 3 months ago
_xeroxz 312762b3ca starting work on transformations... 3 months ago
_xeroxz 0529fda2cc demo is working with mapping entire functions... still need to make 3 months ago
_xeroxz c0e53277b4 preparing to add transformation code to reloc_t... also need to handle 3 months ago
_xeroxz 116eff8a32 finished decomp of routines... its time to start on comp... 3 months ago
_xeroxz 79db6d538c just now starting to create symbols... need to add transformations like 3 months ago
_xeroxz 22504906d4 working on decomposing the obj files into routine_t structures... 3 months ago
_xeroxz 3cc9c0e05e starting to work on decomposition functions 3 months ago
_xeroxz dd78f5309a added spdlog, started to dev on 3.0 now... still need to workout 3 months ago
_xeroxz e028a5877b added files, designing 3.0 3 months ago
_xeroxz 56ca6b3d07 started work on 3.0, a recode with xed and cmake... also cross 3 months ago
_xeroxz 4ea2ba046b added page protections to theo::malloc_t.... 1 year ago
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_xeroxz 0b422476e1 v1.4, added LLVM-Obfuscator and all demos now use it.. 1 year ago
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_xeroxz 7f58b51736 added server/client example that works with all other demos 1 year ago