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#pragma once
#include <vminstrs.hpp>
#include <vmutils.hpp>
#include <array>
namespace vm {
class vmctx_t {
explicit vmctx_t(std::uintptr_t module_base,
std::uintptr_t image_base,
std::uintptr_t image_size,
std::uintptr_t vm_entry_rva);
bool init();
const std::uintptr_t m_module_base, m_image_base, m_vm_entry_rva,
m_image_size, m_image_load_delta;
zydis_reg_t get_vip() const { return m_vip; }
zydis_reg_t get_vsp() const { return m_vsp; }
zydis_rtn_t get_vm_enter() const { return m_vm_entry; }
const std::array<ZydisRegister, 16>& get_vmentry_push_order() const;
/// <summary>
/// m_vip and m_vsp are set to the native registers used for them by the vm
/// enter... these will change during the execution inside of the vm but these
/// values stay the same as the ones used by vm enter...
/// </summary>
zydis_reg_t m_vip, m_vsp;
/// <summary>
/// the virtual machine enter flattened and deobfuscated...
/// </summary>
zydis_rtn_t m_vm_entry;
//using array container instead of c-style array in order to pass by reference.
std::array<ZydisRegister, 16> vmentry_push_order;
} // namespace vm