Process-Context Specific Kernel Driver Mapper (PSKDM)
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#pragma once
#include <cstddef>
#include <cstdint>
#include <map>
namespace mapper
enum class mapper_error
error_success, // everything is good!
image_invalid, // the driver your trying to map is invalid (are you importing things that arent in ntoskrnl?)
load_error, // unable to load signed driver into the kernel (are you running as admin?)
unload_error, // unable to unload signed driver from kernel (are all handles to this driver closes?)
piddb_fail, // piddb cache clearing failed... (are you using this code below windows 10?)
init_failed, // setting up library dependancies failed!
failed_to_create_proc, // was unable to create a new process to inject driver into! (RuntimeBroker.exe)
set_mgr_failure, // unable to stop working set manager thread... this thread can cause issues with PTM...
/// <summary>
/// map a driver only into your current process...
/// </summary>
/// <param name="drv_image">base address of driver buffer</param>
/// <param name="image_size">size of the driver buffer</param>
/// <param name="entry_data">data to be sent to the entry point of the driver...</param>
/// <returns>status of the driver being mapped, and base address of the driver...</returns>
auto map_driver(std::uint32_t pid, std::uint8_t* drv_image, std::size_t image_size, void** entry_data) -> std::pair<mapper_error, void*>;