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/* Capstone Disassembly Engine */
/* By Nguyen Anh Quynh <>, 2013-2015 */
#ifndef CS_SSTREAM_H_
#define CS_SSTREAM_H_
#include "include/capstone/platform.h"
typedef struct SStream {
char buffer[512];
int index;
} SStream;
void SStream_Init(SStream *ss);
void SStream_concat(SStream *ss, const char *fmt, ...);
void SStream_concat0(SStream *ss, const char *s);
void printInt64Bang(SStream *O, int64_t val);
void printUInt64Bang(SStream *O, uint64_t val);
void printInt64(SStream *O, int64_t val);
void printInt32Bang(SStream *O, int32_t val);
void printInt32(SStream *O, int32_t val);
void printUInt32Bang(SStream *O, uint32_t val);
void printUInt32(SStream *O, uint32_t val);
// print number in decimal mode
void printInt32BangDec(SStream *O, int32_t val);