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Details of this project can be found here:

This is a port of the well known snes9x emulator. It is designed to run on hisilicon SoC's using the MPP SDK. To build this project you must export the path to the arm-hisiv400-linux toolchain.

export PATH="/opt/hisi-linux/x86-arm/arm-hisiv400-linux/bin:$PATH"
cd snes9x/unix


  • HI3520DV300_SDK.rar - leaked SDK
  • snes9x/ - contains snes9x code
  • snes9x/unix - contains a fork of the unix snes9x code. this is where main.cpp is located and contains everything pertaining to the port.
  • snes9x/unix/libs - MPP static libraries used to setup HDMI output.