Driver scraper for windows update catalog written in java 👍.
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Driver scraper for windows update catalog written in java 👍. You can download the release here. This program was designed to find and weave out vulnerable drivers. It was not designed to be malicious in any fashion. Those who find vulnerable drivers have the moral responsibility to document and report such findings appropriately.

how to use

Ensure that agent-jones.exe and agent-smith.jar are inside of the same working directory. Then execute agent-smith.jar with two parameters. The first parameter must be the search key in quotes like so: "bios driver", and the second parameter must be a list of imports seperated by a comma.

java -jar agent-smith.jar "bios driver" "MmMapIoSpace,MmMapIoSpaceEx,ZwMapViewOfSection"


During and after the scan two folders will be created in the same working directory that you are currently in. The first folder named drivers contains the drivers/cab files that are currently being scanned. The second folder results contains the search results. The results themselves will have the uuid of the driver concatenated with the driver name itself. This allows you to go back and manually search in windows updates if you need other files pertaining to the update.