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#pragma once
#include <cstdint>
#include <xmmintrin.h>
using u8 = unsigned char;
using u16 = unsigned short;
using u32 = unsigned int;
using u64 = unsigned long long;
using u128 = __m128;
3 years ago
extern "C" void __vtrap( void );
namespace vm
3 years ago
typedef struct _registers
u128 xmm0;
u128 xmm1;
u128 xmm2;
u128 xmm3;
u128 xmm4;
u128 xmm5;
u128 xmm6;
u128 xmm7;
u128 xmm8;
u128 xmm9;
u128 xmm10;
u128 xmm11;
u128 xmm12;
u128 xmm13;
u128 xmm14;
u128 xmm15;
u64 gap0;
u64 r15;
u64 r14;
u64 r13;
u64 r12;
u64 r11;
u64 r10;
u64 r9;
u64 r8;
u64 rbp;
u64 rdi;
u64 rsi;
u64 rdx;
u64 rcx;
u64 rbx;
u64 rax;
u64 rflags;
u64 vm_handler;
} registers, *pregisters;
using decrypt_handler_t = u64 ( * )( u64 );
using encrypt_handler_t = u64 ( * )( u64 );
namespace handler
// these lambdas handle page protections...
using edit_entry_t = void ( * )( u64 *, u64 );
using entry_callback_t = void ( * )( vm::registers *regs, u8 handler_idx );
struct entry_t
u64 virt;
u64 encrypted;
u64 decrypted;
entry_callback_t callback;
// main table class focused around containing all of the information
// for a given virtual machine handler table... condusive for virtual instruction
// hooking... up to 10 of these can be created and stored in a vm::hook_t class...
class table_t
explicit table_t( u64 module_base, u64 image_base, u32 table_rva, vm::handler::edit_entry_t edit_entry,
vm::decrypt_handler_t decrypt_handler, vm::encrypt_handler_t encrypt_handler );
u64 get_entry( u8 idx ) const;
entry_t get_meta_data( u8 idx ) const;
void set_entry( u8 idx, u64 entry );
void set_meta_data( u8 idx, const entry_t &entry );
void set_callback( u8 idx, entry_callback_t callback );
u64 decrypt( u8 idx );
u64 encrypt( u64 val );
const u32 table_rva;
const u64 module_base, image_base;
u64 *table_addr;
entry_t handlers[ 256 ];
edit_entry_t edit_entry;
vm::decrypt_handler_t decrypt_handler;
vm::encrypt_handler_t encrypt_handler;
} // namespace handler
// wrapper/container class which is purely for
// containing up to 10 virtual machine table(s) and
// doing basic operations on them like "start(ing)" all
// of the virtual machine hooks and "stop(ing)" all of them...
class hook_t
explicit hook_t( void );
void add_table( vm::handler::table_t *table );
void start( void );
void stop( void );
u8 table_count;
vm::handler::table_t *handler_tables[ 10 ];
inline vm::hook_t *g_vmctx = nullptr;
} // namespace vm
extern "C" void vtrap_wrapper( vm::registers *regs, u8 handler_idx );