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extern vtrap_wrapper : proc
__vtrap proc
sub rsp, 8 ; make room for return address...
push rax
push rbx
push rcx
push rdx
push rsi
push rdi
push rbp
push r8
push r9
push r10
push r11
push r12
push r13
push r14
push r15
sub rsp, 0108h ; 16 xmm registers...
movaps [rsp], xmm0
movaps [rsp + 010h], xmm1
movaps [rsp + 020h], xmm2
movaps [rsp + 030h], xmm3
movaps [rsp + 040h], xmm4
movaps [rsp + 050h], xmm5
movaps [rsp + 060h], xmm6
movaps [rsp + 070h], xmm7
movaps [rsp + 080h], xmm8
movaps [rsp + 090h], xmm9
movaps [rsp + 0A0h], xmm10
movaps [rsp + 0B0h], xmm11
movaps [rsp + 0C0h], xmm12
movaps [rsp + 0D0h], xmm13
movaps [rsp + 0E0h], xmm14
movaps [rsp + 0F0h], xmm15
; vm::registers* regs
; u8 handler_idx
mov rcx, rsp
mov rdx, rax
sub rsp, 20h
call vtrap_wrapper
add rsp, 20h
movups xmm0, [rsp]
movups xmm1, [rsp + 010h]
movups xmm2, [rsp + 020h]
movups xmm3, [rsp + 030h]
movups xmm4, [rsp + 040h]
movups xmm5, [rsp + 050h]
movups xmm6, [rsp + 060h]
movups xmm7, [rsp + 070h]
movups xmm8, [rsp + 080h]
movups xmm9, [rsp + 090h]
movups xmm10, [rsp + 0A0h]
movups xmm11, [rsp + 0B0h]
movups xmm12, [rsp + 0C0h]
movups xmm13, [rsp + 0D0h]
movups xmm14, [rsp + 0E0h]
movups xmm15, [rsp + 0F0h]
add rsp, 0108h ; 16 xmm registers...
pop r15
pop r14
pop r13
pop r12
pop r11
pop r10
pop r9
pop r8
pop rbp
pop rdi
pop rsi
pop rdx
pop rcx
pop rbx
pop rax
; note that the original VM handler will be on the stack here...
__vtrap endp