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build scripts

First things first, to get this compiling/working for you, you are going to need to fix these build scripts:

adb logcat -c
adb push C:\Users\%USERNAME%\source\repos\ligma\ARM\Release\ /data/app/com.activision.callofduty.shooter-1/lib/arm/
start cmd /k "title 'ligma filter' & adb logcat | findstr ligma"
start cmd /k "title 'codm logs' & adb logcat | findstr com.activision.callofduty.shooter"
start cmd /k "title 'all logs' & adb logcat"
adb shell am start -n com.activision.callofduty.shooter/com.tencent.tmgp.cod.PermissionGrantActivity

just change C:\Users\%USERNAME%\source\repos\ligma\ARM\Release\ to the path of your repo. Also change adb to whatever adb your emulator is using.


Since we arent done making this cheat, we have no need to repackage the entire apk and reinstall everytime we wanna test our code. Since the application is not inside of this repo, you will need to first download the apk from here: cod mobile.


First unzip the xapk and take the .apk that is inside of it out. use apktool.jar to decompile the apk. we are going to patch a smali file to load our .so before any other .so.

apktool.jar d codm.apk

now go to this smali file: smali\com\tencent\tpshell\TPShellApplication.smali. Add this smali code to load our .so:

[[WARNING]]: (do not put or just ligma!)

const-string v0, "ligma" 
invoke-static {v0}, Ljava/lang/System;->loadLibrary(Ljava/lang/String;)V


simply run this to recompile the apk, this apk is not signed and will need to be signed.

apktool.jar b codm -o codm_patched.apk


use apksigner.jar to sign the newly compiled apk.

apksigner.jar -a codm_patched.apk

now you have a patched & signed apk. Its time to install the apk.


now that we have a signed and patched apk, install the apk (not the xapk) just the patched apk into your emulator. After you have installed it you will need to copy the .obb files which are located INSIDE of the xapk. open the xapk back up in zip, open Android folder and you will see an obb folder. Copy this folder to Android/obb (or copy the content from inside of the obb file to here) on your emulator.

Finally you will now need to copy the original apk to /data/app/ please refer to this line of code to understand why. Ensure that the apk is named base_orig.apk. If everything is done correctly you will now be able to build your .so and the game will auto run.


now if you click build inside of visual studios your screen should look like this (make sure you build in release otherwise the build script wont know where to copy your .so from!). Also be aware that you may need to build 2/3 times since adb will connect the first time...