header only kernel utils library - completely self dependent - no imports - no strings
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header only kernel utils library - completely self dependent - no imports - no strings


  • HSTRING macro - compile time hashing of c-strings
    • HSTRING("hash me!")
  • DYN_MOD - dynamically resolve base address of a kernel module. uses HSTRING to compare hashes of file names
    • DYN_MOD("ntoskrnl.exe")
  • DYN_NT_SYM - dynamically resolve ntoskrnl export's
    • DYN_NT_SYM(DbgPrint)("Hello World")
  • DYN_MOD_SYM - dynamically resolve export from a kernel modules file name - uses compile time hashes of both file name and export name.
    • DYN_MOD_SYM("win32kbase.sys", "NtGdiFlush") Neither string will be in the binary.


  • PVOID KUtils::Driver::GetKernelBase(VOID) - Get the base address of the kernel.
  • PDRIVER_OBJECT KUtils::Driver::GetDriverObject(CONST WCHAR* pwszDriverName) - Get driver object given the name of the driver.
  • HANDLE KUtils::Process::GetPid(CONST WCHAR* pwszProcessName) - get pid given a process file name.
  • PVOID KUtils::Process:GetProcessBase(HANDLE hPid) - get process base address given pid.
  • VOID KUtils::Process::ForEachProcess(PsCallbackPtr lpCallback) - pass a callback to loop over each process.
  • VOID KUtils::Process::ForEachThread(HANDLE hPid, TdCallbackPtr lpCallback) - pass a callback and pid to loop over each thread in that process.
  • VOID KUtils::Process::GetModuleBase(HANDLE hPid, CONST WCHAR* pwszModuleName) - gets module base base for a module in a given process.
  • LPVOID KUtils::Signature::Scan(LPVOID lpBase, ULONG nSize, CONST CHAR* pszPattern, CONST CHAR* pszMask)