VMProtect Devirtualization
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VMDevirt - VMProtect Static Devirtualization

VMDevirt is a project which uses LLVM to lift vmprofiles to LLVM IR. This lifting aims to be semantically accurate so that the generated native instructions can be executed as normal. This project only supports x86_64 PE binaries.

Currently there is no project to generate IL for vmp3 virtual routines, however when that code has been willed into existence this project will be used to compile the IL back to native. The lifters/vmprofiles for vmp2 and vmp3 are pretty much the same.


LLVM takes forever to build and a few GB's of cache space in tmp...


  • CMake version 3 and above
  • Visual Studios 2019 (Fully updated!)
  • 16gb+ of RAM
  • 10gb of free disk space


Clone the entire repo recursively:

git clone --recursive https://githacks.org/vmp2/vmdevirt.git

Open a console inside of vmdevirt folder and execute the following CMake command:

cmake -B build

Usage - Generating Native

In order to use this project you must first generate a vmp2 file using VMEmu. This file contains the IL form of every single virtual instruction of every single virtual code block of every single virtualized routine that you generate from.

In order for VMEmu to work, all virtual instructions in the given virtual routine(s) must be defined. Please refer to the doxygen of vmprofiler to learn how to declare a vmprofile.

Once a vmp2 file is generated you can then provide it to vmdevirt along with the virtualized binary. vmdevirt will lift all of the IL and compile it back to native, then append it to the virtualized binary and patch all jmp's into the virtualized routines to go into the devirtualized code.